JavaScript vs Java: Let The Fight Begin!

I was really wondered when realized that “Java vs JavaScript” question is really popular!

According to Google Keyword Planner Tool, it’s up to 10K searches per month.

That means 10K users ask Google about the difference between Java and JavaScript.

According to Ahrefs (popular site and keyword analyzing tool), it’s even 15K searches!

It’s Google trends chart that represents an interest to this query during 5 years.

A lot of people want to know “is JavaScript different from Java?”, “what are similarities?”.

Keep reading and I’ll explain you.

Java Is Not JavaScript

The first things you have to know – Java and JavaScript are 2 different programming languages.

Remember – Java IS NOT Javascript.

Some programmers even say:

Java and Javascript are similar like Car and Carpet.

But names sound like a Java and JavaScript is related.

No, JavaScript is not based on Java and not related to it at all.

Let’s take a look at the main common things and the main differences.

What Do Java and JavaScript Jave Have in Common?

  • Both are programming languages ?
  • C-like syntax
  • Java is focused on the backend, JavaScript is focused on the frontend (you can see its job in browser), but at the same time Java can be executed on the client-side using applets (deprecated at this moment) and JavaScript can be executed on the backend (nodeJS)
  • “Write once, run anywhere” is a slogan of Java, you can write once in JS and run it on every OS and every browser as well (Hello, Internet Explorer!)
  • Both languages are very popular

Differences Between Java and JavaScript

  • JS has dynamic types, Java is a strongly typed language
  • Java inheritance is based on classes, JS uses prototypes
  • JS is single-threaded, Java supports multithreading
  • Java code should be compiled to the bytecode first and then can be executed in Java Virtual Machine (JVM), JS code is simply interpreted in the browser

How Hard is JavaScript compared to Java?

On my opinion, it’s easier to start from JavaScript.

But at the same time, you have to learn libraries and frameworks related to your language.

If we’re talking about Java usually it’s enough to learn Spring and Hibernate.

It’s old frameworks that are updating every 1-3 year, usually, it’s not so many changes.

If we’re talking about JavaScript nowadays it’s a really big bunch of libs and frameworks: AngularJs 1-4, ReactJs, VueJs, EmberJs etc.

Don’t forget about JQuery.

And it’s updating frequently.

AngularJs 1 is completely different from Angular 2.

So you have to learn a new framework every time.

With JavaScript, you have to be ready to learn new things more often.

Is It Better to Learn Java or JavaScript?

I think learn JavaScript is better because less Java developers on market – more money for me ?

If you’re thinking about a job it’s more or less the same.

Both languages are very popular and really more than enough open positions.

If you are thinking about Java and JavaScript future we can take a look again at Google trends.

As you see interest to Java is going down, but believe me, you’ll find a job even after 30 years.

Java vs JavaScript Salary Comparison

It’s more or less the same again.

For example, we can compare average salary in the United States.

This is average frontend developer salary according to PayScale:

And this is an average salary for Java developer in PayScale:


Take a look at both languages first, write few simple programmes and decide what you like more.

If you like to build fancy UI take JS if you don’t like that take Java.

Or use random generator to choose a language ?

Any questions or suggestions? Please, ask me.

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