How to Install Java on Windows 10

To install Java on Windows 10 you need to go to the official Oracle download page and click on the major version of Java (currently the newest version is Java SE 11.0.2 LTS).

download java

Accept a license agreement and click on jdk-9.0.4_windows-x64_bin.exe to download it:

accept agreement and select java OS

Launch installer when it is downloaded.

java installer introduction on Windows 10

Press “Next”:

Java installer custom setup on Windows 10

Press “Next” again and wait until installation will complete:

Java installing in progress on Windows 10

Java installer offers you to install JDK:

Java installer choose folder on Windows 10

Press “Next” and installation will be started:

installing Java on Windows 10

And finally, Java successfully installed:

Java installation is completed on Windows 10

You can check Java version via Command Prompt in Start menu or you can run it via right-click on Start menu – Run – cmd.

Type java -version.


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