Auto Increment in MySQL

MySQL autoincrement is used to automatically generate unique numbers for new rows.

Usually, it used for identifiers.

Let’s write SQL statement to create a new table with autoincrement id column.

Every time when you insert a new row into the table new id will be generated:

As you can see I don’t provide any values for id columns.

Let’s take a look what is inside of the table:



As you can see identifiers generated automatically.

How to Make Existing Column AUTO_INCREMENT in MySQL

If you have a table and you want to set an auto-increment to existing column you can execute the following SQL statement:

Note that this column should contain unique only values, otherwise:

By the way…

How to Reset Auto Increment in MySQL

By default autoincrement column starts with 1 and increments 1 every insert.

If you want to reset an auto-increment counter for MySQL table:

Now MySQL auto-increment column value is reseted and starts with 200, next is 201 etc.

You can use some graphical tools to do the same like PHPMyAdmin, MySQL Workbench as well.

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